Let the Hair Change!

My hair, she is a-changin’. At first, I thought it was because I haven’t been in the sun as much since school started up again. But there is no doubt, it is growing in darker. Not gray, mind you, but darker. And I will let it. I have been blonde most of my life now and for the next whatever I will be a brunette. I am not afraid. And right now, looks like I may have done that half and half hair ladies do on purpose, so I guess I am cool for a few minutes, but I will let it do its thing. It is free to be how God designed it. I am happy to have it.

Why do we have tendencies and desires to change ourselves? We care what other people think? Who teaches them what is the right or wrong way to look? Those in the spotlight. And why do we listen to them, as they most often don’t make the best choices personally? The enemy has a lot of people entrapped in a little game. A game of comparisons, a game of copycat. Don’t believe me? Look at the “stars” of hollywood. Try to tell them apart. Minimal differences at best and they pay good money for that sameness.

Looks is a stupid focus because it does not affect eternity. Your heart, soul and spirit do affect eternity, so I would rather err on the side of not giving a rat’s patooty about my hair color and focus on my relationship with God. There is the crux of the matter.❤

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