Truth is a Flavor

In our home, we have been cooking a lot of new dishes with new spices. Some are sweet, some tangy, some way too hot, some zesty. All are distinctive. Each spice has sole ownership of its flavor. It is exciting to taste and explore.

However, more and more I am drawn to the distinct flavor of truth. I was working on the “we (Christians) are the salt of the earth” idea with my daughter. I get that we bring out the best flavor and all that. But I only recently grasped that truth has its own flavor and we Christians are to radiate and exemplify Jesus and He is truth. So the closer we stay to Jesus in our relationship with Him, the more we become truth tellers and have His distinct flavor too. It is a vibrant, pleasant flavor, earthy and heavenly simultaneously. You feel alive and hopeful from ingesting it. Like aalt, it brings out the best of those around us. There is freedom in it, love dripping onto it, hope pouring out from it. I had been hungry for it and nothing is the same, all isbland, without it.😄❤

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