Unpleasant Things

My Daddy was a firm believer that everyone should live or grow up in a farm during their lifetime. His reasons were that 1. People would know where their food came from (and no, the store isn’t it lol). 2. People would experience our primary role in life as humans in God’s creation- made to be God’s gardeners and creation caretakers. 3. People would understand the value of hard work and patience to yield a good crop that can feed you all year. And 4. Unpleasant things can be for a great purpose later you are very, very happy about.

Unpleasant things- like hoeing, pulling weeds, fertilizing, watering, pruning, watching the plants- yield very pleasant results. Same is true of life. You put in some work, endure some hardships, work for grumpy people who only criticize, etc., don’t get frustrated because the rewards will be appreciated and enjoyed later. Sure, waiting is not so fun, especially when the work is unpleasant, but you have to have faith, hope and trust that the best will be here before you know it. God is very good! 😄❤

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