A Lesson on Faith

“If God would answer my prayer this way, I would have more faith in Him.” I have heard it, been guilty of it, seen it and realized its failure. The reason this doesn’t work is it is not faith then.

Faith is trusting what you cannot see. If you could be shown something as proof, it is not faith; it is sight. Faith grows when you trust an invisible God with a problem and trust Him to answer it how He knows best. Then somehow, the problem is solved better than you ever thought possible. Then you do it again. That is how faith grows. Requiring proof is good and well but it is not faith- faith is beyond eyesight and creates and uplifts that sight to spiritual sight. We are dealing with what is invisible to us in these bodies. But our spirit develops the ability to see God move in answer to our faith call.

Faith is a practice. It is every day humbly entrusting your cares to the invisible God for an unknown answer that God deems best for you and His kingdom. Then letting go in trust that He has already answered in the best way and moving on to the next thing which always seems to come. It is worth developing or maybe even trying for the first time. God always answers true faith. 😄❤

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