The Power of Silence

I have decided to focus on silence through the day. There is so much noise. Too much noise. It may not be possible to avoid noise entirely with a busy nusical family but it is my choice whether to live constantly in the noise or make some purposeful quiet time for God. I have decided I need some. I have started getting up early before the day starts and walking in quiet. I noticed my day is more peaceful that way and I can talk to God more easily through the day. I also feel better and have more energy. In addition, I am working on having hours of peace on Saturdays where I pray, rest, read, garden, all quiet, restful things. That is what I lack most in my sanity and I need that quiet time with God so much more. The closer I get to Jesus, thr more time I want to spend with just Him. And the balance of serving others is an issue because people always need help, need love, need resources, need time, need a listener. We all do. But I need to remember to balance that with refueling and maintaining and growing my relationship with my Heavenly Father. So I am making that a priority. Everyone can. We prioritize what they want. And being off all anti-social media, I have some time but will make even more time. The interesting thing I have noticed is that the more time I spend with the Lord, thr more time I have to play board games with my kids or serve at the Dream Center or be involved with church and the band. God blesses us when we put Him first like we are supposed to.❤

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