God Made Me “Weird” to Blog Anyway

People have called me “weird” my whole life. I have never been offended by it, I rather like it. In fact, I embrace it. God made me this way. I prefer to laugh than to cry, something I very rarely do. I prefer art and music and nature to any form of tech hands down every time. I allow few into my inner circle, but when you are there, you will be loved with my whole being, no matter what it costs me. I see big picture and few details unless I put forth an enormous effort, and those around me seem to focus on details. I laugh when others would cry. I love to work hard and have energy to keep going until I go to sleep at night, where others like to conserve energy and work ahrm, less hard maybe. I go deep and eternal in conversation where most converse in the shallow and temporary. I prefer helping people grow spiritually and be saved for eternity and most prefer not to speak of such things, as it makes them uncomforable. (All this is actually getting somewhere, not just all about me, hang on.) So I am quite comfortable leaving and love my God-given weirdness. I embrace “weird” and own it.

That being said, I understand that few people actually think this way. Most want to be “normal”, whatever that is. And as such, I get that a lot of what I say may not be relatable or understandable because I think so differently, so “weirdly”. But I keep blogging regardless. Why?

I blog because I feel strongly that God wants me to. In fact, He made everyone who has a passion for writing to write. So, weird or not, there must be someone who is helped by my weirdness. Maybe someone feels weird for another reason and needs to know they are not alone. You are certainly not ever alone. Maybe someone needs a different, weird perspective because pat answers no longer satisfy. Then read or ask away, I love tangents and will give a different perspective.

But one language I love is the Bible. I love the Truth there and love sharing it and its principles. There is common ground in thr Bible for all levels of “normal” (really, what is that?) or “weird”. So I will obey and write for you see there us a purpose. Someone may be helped. Someone may be strengthened or pointed to the Truth. Any of those is a good enough reason and if God wants you to write, do it. Weird or not. ❤

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