Fellowship Refreshens

God made us to love Him and love others. It was His design. He gives commands that line up with His design. Fellowship is a huge part of being His church, His design. It is the second most important thing we do. We love and worship Him, spend the most time with Him, and then we spend time loving other people, called fellowship. He commands it because He knows it is His design of us and will be best for us. It is. “Do not forsake the assembling together as some are in the habit of doing.” And they did not face an insignificant, overplayed virus as we do but death and imprisonment. The early church knew the value and risk of fellowship and did it anyway. Do we trust God or not? If we do, we meet together. No government can mandate that away. No slim to none virus risk should ever keep you from it. If it does, you need to re-evaluate your dedication to God. And maybe this is God’s way of testing us to see who is faithful and who is faithless. Fellowship is beautiful and I am so thankful for my church meetings!❤

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