May God Bless Us with Bigger Eyes

Many, many, ok most of my friends and family are detail oriented. It seems that is the majority of people. Naturally, details most attended to are those right before us at a given time. We notice details of ourselves and those we see regularly most. In fact, these details seen most become either a comfort or a bone of contention.

But as Christians, we need bigger eyes. We need to see beyond ourselves and immediate vacinity. We need to see what is around, the big picture, where we can help love God and love others, our greatest goals. We need to see the hurting and help. We need to see the need to help.

But more than just seeing and responding, we much more importantly need to see ourselves and others as God sees. We can touch the spirit by helping the need but only if it is intentional as the goal and for God. People help the physical all the time without a thought for the lasting problem, the spirit and soul. You can actually seemingly do a lot of good without doing any eternal and lasting good at all. We need God for that. We need also to keep Him always close in prayer and let Him work put the details.❤

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