Dead Battery at Winn Dixie

So this was our evening. Just picking up milk and voila, a two hour venture waiting for my husband to try to fix it, go find the jumper cables, come back and jump the car while dark clouds were rolling in. So here the kids and I sat in thr Winn Dixie parking lot (in the car way too hot) praying it is just the battery (much cheaper repair than the starter) and that the rain would hold out for the jump. A 2017 SUV is ready for a new battery, so thank God that is what it was and praise God and thanks to Him for keeping the rain from us until after the successful jump! We were not sad or mad, just chilling until we could get home. God is good. All things are in His control. His timing is best and my dear little Santa Fe will get a brand new go box tomorrow first thing, in time to visit some dear friends on vacation from Cali. Yay! All good! God takes care of the details in life. My job is to pray and just trust Him. (Then be sure to give Him credit and thank Him afterward.) 😄❤

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