Band Practice!

Oh how I love our band family! We have the best band we have ever had and having been together nearly 2 years now, we are really good. As a professional musician, I do not say that lightly- we are notoriously hard on ourselves. But tonight, in one night, we mastered Something (Beatles), Tide is High (Blondie), Shout for More (Big Al and the Heavyweights), Shaky Ground (Delbert McClinton), and The Thrill Is Gone (B. B. King). One practice and even finished early. Amazing. And our band is ego and bad-drama free, which is saying something.

Now I am not bragging on us to call attention to our greatness. Not at all. It is to show how much can be done with practice, teamwork, diligence, loyalty, talent and commitment. Yes, we all have busy lives all in different directions and ways but we choose to be there for each other, make great music together, enjoy the fruit of our collective labors.

How much greater would our churches all be if we all put into it that same commitment, loyalty, diligence, talent, etc! How exciting and how wonderful to honor God’s name in that way. We are blessed to be in a band n in which we are all Christians and all are serving God with music also in our churches, but serving in any capacity you are gifted in is beautiful obedience that God honors and blesses.

Our band can not serve others yet except by preparing because of this ridiculous virus nonsense, but right now you can still serve the Lord in any capacity you can. In fact, He expects it.❤

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