Truth Over Fear

I was born with a rather fearless nature and my faith has grown with God’s help to a fearless one. It is my favorite gift God endowed me with (faith). He endows everyone with a spiritual gift, sometimes more than one that you can seek out through various spiritual gift quizzes online- make sure it is Bible-based or you will get some weird stuff. Lol.

Seems to me fear has been winning a lot lately over truth. They are opposites, you know. Truth produces freedom but fear binds. Truth drives progress but fear regresses. Truth yields joy and peace but fear suffocates. Truth is hope but fear is hopeless. Truth saves lives but fear destroys. Truth loves but fear hates. Truth is good but fear is lies and evil.

So here is the thing. We have a choice whether to live and be truth or die and be fear. It is our choice. If we follow God, we cannot choose fear for it is against everything He is. If we want to live, we have to choose truth.❤

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