Dreams Not Worth Pursuing

“Follow your dreams” is a motto of many, but there are some dreams not worth pursuing, and no one mentions those. The touters of “Follow your dreams” focus and almost seem to push “Do what you want” and the feelings behind it and selfish endeavors. They do this to sell their books, make their money, which seems to be their dream.

Practically, there should be limitations. Dreams should not be pursued if:

1. You are the only one that benefits from it.

2. Money, power or fame is the goal.

3. You have to hurt people or God (via sin) to do it.

And the biggest overlooked if: 4. It is counter to your natural abilities and talents God designed you for.

Yes, God wants you to pursue what He put in your heart and skill set and embrace that with all your heart. It is what He designed you for. But He will never desire you to break any of His principles to do it. In fact, He will not reward a selfish, and in fact He is a good Father and will not let that dangerous and joy-stealing outlook to go unpunished. Yes, follow your dreams, by all means, but only where they are pursued for the glory of God and the spirit of humble service for the growth of His kingdom.❤

3 thoughts on “Dreams Not Worth Pursuing

  1. Hi Tonya. I believe that there are two kinds of dreams. The dreams that you see in the sleep vanish in the morning. There are dreams which we see with open eyes, I not pointing to day dreaming. I am talking about the plans which God reveals to achieve certain purposes, we should chase those kind of dreams. 🤗 Nice one 👌

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