Big Picture/Visionary Logic

I am not sure what the percentage is of how many people think in big picture/Visionary thinking, but I am certain now that the majority of people are detail-oriented naturally and think in detail, here and now, minutia. This may be why I was always so weird and to this day have difficulty with small talk. I always boldly go forward strongly and go deep, to the heart of the matter with the big picture, with the best interest of everyone in mind. That makes me weird because most people don’t think this way. I used to chalk it up to being an Aquarian but realized God does not like horoscopes and astrology (just astronomy) so I never brought that up again and went further to explain. Here it is… that is how God made me. On purpose, He made me weird like this. And He knew I would be the type of person who absolutely loves being weird.

Yes, that’s right. I love being weird. I love to not waste time on the details of my thinking in my personal and prayer time but I also love the challenge of getting better at looking at details and learning to do the small talk thing I know I must do to fellowship and love on people. If life were easy, I would not want it, it would be boring and breed laziness and I detest both of those and live opposing them.

This does not make me better or worse than anyone else. It makes me me. God made me that way on purpose and I love Him for it. And I believe more and more that each and every treasure of a person He made is like they are on purpose for a reason too. And how fun is life that we are differently beautiful together?!!😄❤

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