“First Things First”

My Dad was forever telling me “First Things First”. I don’t know how many times he said this, but I still hear his voice saying it these 30 years later. Took me a while to really get the deep meaning of what he meant. Yes, I am slow. He meant the shallow, obvious thing that you work hard then play hard, you eat your meal then get dessert, that sort of thing. I thought that was it for the longest time. The deeper meaning came when I pieced together how he lived life. If he had extra money and someone needed it, he gave it to them without not her thought and with no remorse or reward sought. He never even mentioned it again. If someone needed a car, and we had an extra, he gave it to them with the simple explanation that we don’t need two cars if they have none. If someone needed a ride to church or because their car was broke down on the side of the road, he always helped. He was putting first things first. What he meant deeper was his Christian philosophy from the Bible that God comes first and that when we help others, we help God fulfill His kingdom work. He was building treasures in heaven and not here on earth. He was putting eternal/first things first. If I can resemble him in any small way, I would be very thankful. Now that I get the lesson, I need to apply it deeper and better, starting inmediately. It is a lesson we all need. What a better place this would be if we all put first things first!! Try it!!❀

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