The Stirring of the Soul

All souls are stirred by different things. We are all created with different talents, abilities, opportunities and preferences. Some fight for what they want, some educate themselves to get it, some take unique opportities while everything is shut down to learn and grow and some just manage to whine that entire time, some love exercise while some avoid it at all costs, some naively believe everything they hear and see and some do their own research.

All that being said, different thing stir different people’s souls. The thing is, we humans do not know what that will be for people in our church congregations or even in our relationships. God knows, though, and He knows if a person is willing to have their soul stirred or awakened and if so will provide the stirring. He knows what their unique experience holds, key points, disappointments, achievements, relationships, career stories, etc. God knows what can stir a soul and when a person is ready for it. We cannot know these details.

So, when a person is struggling and you see it, the very best thing you can do to help them is to pray to God for Him to soften their hearts and stir their souls when they are ready. And I have seen Him work so very often. It is beautiful!! So don’t give up because it may be years until that person finally humbles their hearts and your prayers need to be accessing the God who made them. Keep praying!❤

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