Going Through Changes

The truest show of strength in a long time has been my fellow Americans and I going through many changes this year. We are living a proud moment in history (as long as we don’t let anti-American-unity terrorists win). We have changed sanitary habits, work habits, protocols, vacations, travel, spending habits, been flexible on toilet paper and eating regimens, so many things.

I daresay every one of us has changed significantly since childhood, hopefully for the better. Change is inevitable and the happiest people I know are also the most flexible.

Some changes (like peuberty or menopause) are unwanted but necessary for growth and development. They signal a dramatic movement from youth to maturity (the former) and maturity to maturity without the ability to carry children (the latter). There is always a purpose for change.

Our world’s change now also has a point we should not miss or begrudge. God is setting up the last prophecies’ fulfillment. He is warning us to get our spiritual selves ready, revive the church, make note that His taking us away is sooner than we might be ready for. Change should always produce results. We should take heed and prepare for the time He takes us out of here. A good song I sing in our band is “People Get Ready”. Worth a listen. We need to be ready and help others be ready. Forgive, pray, worship, read the Bible, let go of bitterness and hurt, help someone, go to church and help the work they are doing, etc.❤

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