Idolatry is the Heart of Addiction

Whenever we self-medicate, that idol is worshipped. Does not matter the type of addiction- there are many (pornography, drugs, alcohol, overeating, overexercise, undereating, smoking/vaping, plastic surgery, tatoos, whatever it is, they are the same addiction). The point is that when you choose to get a fix from anything, you have committed the sin of idolatry. There are many sins, judging others is one, not praying is one, not meeting with other Christians is one, there are so many.

The thing is that worshipping God and asking Jesus Christ for salvation is the cure for sin. Some habitual sins you have to be diligent with keeping in prayer and worship. But no one is beyond hope, even if the sin habit started as a child. I am a testimony to this. I am free of the sin by the grace of God and His salvation. Anyone can be, no matter what the sin. Even if it is an “accepted” sin like gossip. But God is always the answer. When you start to worship and pray and spend time reading the Bible and of course pray for salvation/help, the Lord does the work and heals, sometimes all at once and sometimes little by little. God is the only one who can save. No one can do it for you, has to be your choice. But God can and will save. He loves you and wants to help.❤

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