Clarity in Fasting

When I fast, God provides clarity. I am not alone in that. I challenge anyone to see for themselves, test that.

That being said, some clarity God showed me is this. God knows everything. God know and loved each of us before He created anything or anyone, God was mulling us over and loved us in His mind before He created anyone. Each person ws a fote-thought, was intended with a purpose, even if it seems like a mistake at the moment. Not one person was unintentionally or unwanted.

Clear thought number 2, nonsense is going on around us, protected strongly with a fog of lies. Just one tiny but well-publicized thing is the mobs accusing people people of what they are guilty of-racism. The truth us the only racism we see in reality in our American nation is from this mob. Another example is that the virus is spiking and it is all lies. The truth is that hospitals/pysicians are reimbursed in much greater quantities by a covid diagnosis and are instructed to put that diagnosis on everything and there are many false positives on the testing for it. It is about control. Many other examples are evident and aome are more publicized than others. Lies are the blanket that protects these evil false beliefs people are basing their lives and votes on. It is scary unless you know that God is in control and His church needs to step up and honor Him by living His truth, the truth of Jesus that matters- that He is in charge and has provided a way to see the truth and be saved eternally. This life is temporary and eternity will be spent in heaven or hell, our choice.

Clear thought number 3: God matters most in this world. His message is clear. It is simple. God loves you. Jesus can save you as soon as you choose it. Eternal life soul and spirit is more important than this body’s life. Our life is for Him and about Him. These other distractions are to prevent this from being taught/realized/discussed. The distractions are lies to destroy and kill. They do not really matter. God matters. A person’s eternal soul is way more important than anything else going on in this world and that is because God is most important of all over anything.

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