Not One Day Goes By that You Are Not Loved

“God loves you today, right now.” That sentence is declaritive/informational and has been true since you were conceived in your mom’s tummy.

You were made on purpose by a loving Creator Daddy because He knew you fit in perfectly with His ideal world.

As true and beautiful as that is, He/God is even more beautiful/glorious than that because He who made you and even knows how many hairs are on your head at a given moment, He made everything we know of. He made funny animals and birds, serious animals and birds, those that eat them, those in the ocean, even the scenery. All on purpose, all amazingly wonderful and all with you.

God is worthy of our focus, attention and worship for He lives me and He loves you. He does this regardless of our response and He wants us to be saved from the power of sin in our world that crept in with pride. So cling to Him, call on Him, love Him back. Then peace and joy will live deep inside where He made a place for Himself in your soul. šŸ˜„ā¤

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