Strange Time in History

I am not sure when Jesus is coming back to catch us away. I lean toward mid-trib to be honest, but God knows full well when that will be and how to take care of us best spiritually for the long, eternal run.

Things are weird and moving quickly right now. Strange angst is in the air. Unrest. Uncertainty. But I have joy and peace. Why?

God the Father is my anchor, Jesus is my rock and the Holy Spirit is my comforter and protector. I do not fear what comes. I trust my Lord, who is way bigger than any of it. I read His Word, pray to Him, worship Him, serve Him and for Him.

6 thoughts on “Strange Time in History

  1. Would you like to see Jesus return in your lifetime? I always ask this of devout religious folks. It’s been forecasted for so long, if it’s going to happen, do you want it to happen while you’re here?

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    1. Yes and no. I would love to see my Lord and Savior. I am very much looking forward to seeing Jesus and having all this tiring world behind us. On the other hand, I am prepared contentedly to wait and almost want to because so many people are not ready to face eternal judgment and the extremely hard times that happen just before that and then eternally afterward. I am afraid for them and want as many to be saved as possible. So, selfishly I sometimes want Him to take me to heaven but then His heart fills me with the impact of how selfish that is when so many need to be saved first. I need to just do my duty in prayer, worship, encouragement, teaching, and be ready. Hope you are well.


  2. These are just the beginning of birth pains as foretold by Jesus Christ in Matthew24 and Daniel in Daniel 12:1-2. When you see all these things happen, lift up your head for your redemption is near.

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