Limitations of Doing without Being

I always want to jump the gun. There are limitations to this. I will give an example. My weight was creeping again so I started an exercise routine. Every day the kids and I walk 1.7 miles (and weekly I walk 3 miles). After that, I do 60-80 jumping jacks, 15 push ups and alternate days for legs (40 each leg of side lifts, inner thigh lifts and glut lifts) and upper body (40 crunches, 20 leg lifts, 40 each side lifts, 40 bicep curls and 40 tricep extensions). No weights, all to tone up and lose weight. I am faithful at it and have done this for 3 months straight.

I am not one pound lighter.

I look better on the outside and my clothes fit better but the scale reads the same numbers. And it is not the whole muscle weighing more than fat thing. It is for one simple fact…

I don’t eat right.

And we do this game. We do thw right things outwardly tofeel better or lessen pur guilt and inwardly we do what we want. We humble what outer parts we have to get people to leave us alone and remain internally proud. We feed the skin without graciously and generously nourishing our soul and spirit with humbleness, study of Scripture, constant prayer. Changing the outside seems so much easier than changing the inside.

But it is a lie. God can make change inside easily as soon as we let Him. And that change is amazingly freeing.♥

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