Forty-Six Now

I do not understand hiding one’s age. My birthday was wonderful, best in a long time. This is because, based upon many previous birthdays, I anticipated the worst and decided something. Instead of accepting another pathetic excuse for a birthday, I prayed and decided to be diligent about staying close to God all day andsharing the day with Him even closer than usual. So, we had a great day! And above and beyond my awesome day close to Him, He went above and beyond, as the generous Daddy God He is. He gave us a great morning at church, a great day at our church picnic, presents and cards and texts from many friends and family, the birthday song sung to me five times, a visit from good friends, a dinner out with my husband (with a free dessert) and a rainbow in the sky. Literally the best birthday since I was 16. All because I decided my day would be rich enough just being extra close to God. I decided to be content in God’s amazing presence, even if no one cared. And voila, I feel so loved and cared for. I say all this to tell you how amazing God is and how valuable and rich life is just to be close to Him! Try it for yourself. Have a great day! ♥

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