Just a Little Girl

I am not perfect. No human is. Not one. No human ismperfect. This means no Christian is perfect. No agnostic is perfect. No atheist isnperfect. No one of any other faith or race of age is perfect. Just does not happen. Therefore no one is qualified to judge anyone except God, our perfect Heavenly Father. He is qualified.

There is a lot of disunity right now. No one can do a thing about it except pray, love, serve and encourage. God has always been the only one who can save and unite. A person rises up now and then in obedience to God but God is the One who saves. He is the only One who can. Still true, always will be true. And our country unites and improves and church revives only through prayer/fasting, truthnof God’s Bible, obedience, love, service and encouragement. It is up to me. It is up to you. It is up to us all. Improvement is a utopian dream until we do the work and let God do His work.

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