Aware of Season’s Change

The season has noticably changed. I am called to do less and draw closer to God. A week of fasting clarified it. God wants me to simplify life and take care of my relatio ship with Him and my family. It is busy but simpler and very peaceful because it is His will. I am conte t and pray the best for you as well. I truly love you, friend. And of course God loves you dearly.♥

7 thoughts on “Aware of Season’s Change

    1. At this point, just a deep break from many things. My husband is in poor health, kids are needing me, mom is in poor health, and for now I am needing to be more present here. I am needed and I can only do it all with God’s help and simplifying life. If you ever need anything, May God bless your efforts helping people! God knows you helped me so much! ♥

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    1. I check from time to time but have decided the Lord was leading me to simplify and focus on my family for this season. My husband and mom are ill and need more of my attention. I am in His Word and prayer and I encourage you in your work for Jesus, our Daddy. Lord willing, I will return to it soon. I miss your encouragement but must obey for now. Putting my money where my mouth is, so to speak. Love in Christ, dear sister. Keep strong in Him and peace be with you!♥


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