A Message to WordPress Admin

I am writing, as I have no other recourse to do so, to the WordPress admin. This is to them…

Change it back whatever update you just did screwed everything up. I do not even want to blog anymore with your horrible new discouragement to share, having to add titles manually to shared blogs, discouragement of sharing outside sources, lack of being able to see any stats, and glitching and freezing every viewing/reading session. It is pathetic and unless rectified, I will be ceasing to blog with you.

Thank you.

2 thoughts on “A Message to WordPress Admin

    1. I hope so because now n it is no fun at all, even frustrating. Not sure why they changed it. Maybe it is the same or better for some, who knows, but I have older technology (2017). Wish they would have left it alone and hopeful they will return it to proper function.

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