This Extrovert’s View of People

I am an extrovert, in the strongest sense of the word. There is not one inkling of introvert or shy or reserved in me unless God allows me special grace of humble self-control (I am getting better at that). People know immediately when I enter a room, not because of my beauty but because I am usually laughing or talking or loud in some way. Not obnoxiously anymore (by the grace of God) but just how I am made.

My view of people is that all people want to connect with at least one other person (or more) they can trust and relate to. I also believe strongly that every person alive wants to connect with God, their Maker. That desire is intrinsic. When you speak nicely and respectfully to anyone, they at least smile and appreciate your show of respect even if uncomfortable with speaking back. And of course, once a friend, everyone is happy connecting with people when they feel safe.

That is my view of people concerning socialization and connecting. I am not sure what it is worth but I just want everyone to be unafraid to express themselves and connect socially when a good opportunity presents itself or read the Bible (Mark or Luke is a good starting point) and get connected with God. No one has to be lonely ever. We are all so very loved!😄❤

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