Change in Circumstance Requires Change in Mind

Today, the $500 I was expecting from work was cancelled. I was going to use that money for Christmas presents. Now, not so much.

I have to admit that this saddened me for a hot minute. I really wanted a memorable Christmas for everyone, just loving on everyone and enjoying the celebration of Christ’s earth birth together, more for missions to boot. All those plans up in smoke.

Then, the Holy Spirit whispered in my soul during devotions. So quietly. So I obeyed and prayed about it and asked God to provide either money for presents or an equally enjoyable Christmas. “Ask and it will be given you.” I do not ask for myself but to bless my family. I am eager to see how God provides and will let you all know. God is so good!😄❤

2 thoughts on “Change in Circumstance Requires Change in Mind

  1. Was this a bonus that was expected and they waited this long to let you know it’s not happening? That totally sucks. I’m having one of my poorest years in a long, long time, but I also know my kids couldn’t tell you what I got them two years ago, so it probably doesn’t really matter. I’ve decided to buy a recordable audio picture frame for everybody who was on my crazy summer trip and I’m printing a photo of them I took and recording audio from the movies I took and giving that as a one-of-a-kind gift. Really pulling for the “it’s the thought that counts” sentiment this year. I’m sure a year from now you’ll have to be reminded this happened. You’ll only remember you had a great Christmas.

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    1. What a great idea! 😄 I am a homeschooling mom. I keep up my lisensure as I am also a doctor of audiology. So I only do consults independently for insurance purposes (because all audiology positions are full time nd I want to teach my kids school.) So, I had 5 patients scheduled at one of the regular offices that needs me and for the first time, they cancelled on me. Maybe someone decided to go on vacation or something. I am hoping it is the thought that counts for sure and that God will bless me with clients another day. Time will tell. Best of luck on the gift giving to you! “Those who love us will continue to do so and those who don’t never did anyway”. Lol😄❤

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