Loving Math

I love math. (The real and true math not the garbage out there now- one reason I teach my kids from older text books.) I always have. It is my son’s hardest subject and his one of few opportunities to really dig in and use his brain. He does very well but it is a challenge to him. And all through my teaching him, I keep saying in my head and out loud “Oh, I love math”. And I do.

My grandpa was a math professor and I inherited his love of it. And my dad was a great mechanic and farmer naturally and did all his math in his head. Amazing. So I got a good deal from him too.

I forget how much I love it until I am teaching him and I am reminded how satisfying solving math problems really is. You feel like you know some secret of the universe, how it all works, how you can figure things out and feel like you are a living part of it, an actual part of how God organized and made it all. How it all points to His rule structure and purposeful design and detailed construction so perfect and glorious. Math is feeling a peek into the far-reaching mind of God in His creation. And it exercises the brain He gave us. What a way to praise Him! 😄 ❤

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