Unable to Let Go

My ex-neighbor’s house was foreclosed on and thr bank took possession of it October 10, last month. Sins then, my ex-neighbor has slandered the bank and told whoever would listen what crooks they are. Many felt sorry for her and helped her move out. And it has now taken her over a month to move out. If I am not mistaken, when foreclosed on, all thr furnishings and everything in the house except personal affects belongs to the bank to get their money back. But she has systematically stripped that house and is still over there right now as we speak. She took down the “No Tresspassing” sign that was in the window. I have not called the authorities because I was raised that people always reap what they sow.

However, the study is poignant. Sometimes people are in the wrong and they still just will not let go. My ex-neighbor is doing that with a house she lived in for free for over a year. I have had friends not let go of a bad relationship for years without n putting much effort into it throughout. I have seen it of countrymen who whine about the state of the politicians and fake news and never bother to write and demand our constitutional rights or even vote. These people whine and moan about being victim but never take responsibility and yet stay in this trainwreck. It is like they enjoy being miserable as long as they can blame others for their misery and remain lazy.

This is not life. It is a slow form of death. Life is taking responsibility for our own actions, being saved by the grace of God through Jesus Christ, knowingly being active participants in any situation we find ourselves. Being unable to let go shackles you and letting go and taking responsibility frees you. Life and freedom are way better. I choose those.❤

2 thoughts on “Unable to Let Go

  1. I agree. That is not life. It is actually been stuck in the same old same old while you continue complaining about the same old same old. Freedom is active. It takes effort. You remain at the mercy of what happens around if you refuse to do something, and take conscious action.

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