Every Blame Points to Me

It just occurred to me. Every time I willfully trusted the wrong person to rescue me and romantically swoop in and save me like the ridiculous movies, I have always necessarily been hurt. Then I blamed them.

It was a characteristic handed down to me but I embraced it because what an alluring lie it is. That a person be so noble and loyal, like the brave knights of old. It never tells you the rest.

God says to trust Him. Persiod. End of sentence. He never says to trust another person. For good reason. And I can only blame myself for believing that lie.

I have learned to trust God and keep close and grow closer to Him and He always improves everything. We have only one Savior and I will cling to Him for my happy ending, which is coming sooner every minute.😄❤

2 thoughts on “Every Blame Points to Me

    1. Yes. I am referring to past mistakes and decisions I made. I realized the fullness of my own part in making that bad decision to begin with. Not a sorrowful realization but a freeing reality. It is invigorating to own the bad choice because it means I can cling to God more but also change the present and future by making better decisions. It is a good observation to me. Thank you for asking, Josh. 😄❤

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