The Balance of Spirituality

On my heart recently and for many years, actually, is this balance of powers and focus between life with the Holy Spirit and humanistism-based spiritism. We all know God operates in our physical world and in the spirit realm. But it is imperitive that we do not confuse God in the Spirit with the world’s spiritism, largely based on humanistic new age and old Eastern philosophy, which is contrary to Scripture and downright dangerous, from an eternal perspective.

This is my informed conclusion… the Holy Spirit will never lead you in anything that is contrary to the Bible. So how do we know if it is specifically contrary to the Bible? We have to read and know our Bible. Then we pray a lot, all the time even.

Why is this important? Because the devil is a liar and disguises himself as an angel of light. He will pretend to be the Holy Spirit even. To test the spirits, as we are told to, you ask if Jesus Christ is their Lord and Savior for one if there is an audible voice or even easier, you read your Bible and pray and ask God for help, discernment and wisdom.

Do not fall into the trap as my mom did where any desire your mind drums up becomes “God said I could…” She is morbidly obese but said “God told her she could have another piece of cake” because it popped into her head because her desires drove her feelings and then thoughts. And she misinterpreted it. Now, in thr Bible, it is all about thr principle of moderation in all things except prayer, and is blatantly against gluttony so it is safe to say God did not tell her anything of the sort and she didn’t pause to read her Bible and pray and think it through because that is what she wanted to do.

Many Christians are falling into that trap. I actually had someone tell me God told her to marry this guy, who happened to be married to someone else. She started an affair that ended miserably and much destruction. Pretty safe to say God had no hand in that and is probably not very happy about being blamed for sin.

Anyway, read your Bible and pray a lot and then use your wisdom and free will to hammer out the details. 😄❤

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