Never Be Afraid to Obey God

When we listen to people who are saying something different than what God says, we can and should “smile and wave” (quoting Penguins of Madagascar- great theologians lol) and move on. It is always God we should obey. Not only because He is the most powerful being in thr universe (a pretty good reason alone) or because He determines our eternal destiny based upon our free will choices (another great reason alone), but because of our live for Him who has done so much for us. Our love of God should drive us to listen to Him and obey. And how are we do to that if we do not read our Bibles? We must read to determine what He says to do, say, behave, teach. Never be afraid to obey God for He is worthy of obedience and loves you more than you can understand.šŸ˜„ā¤

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