Money is Overrated

I have had plenty and I have had very little. Neither determined my joy or peace. I decided to be happy, drew near to God to have peace and joy. Money is a necessary evil but I prefer bartering to get things done. This has allowed a great life with less fiddling with money. The LOVE of money is the root of all evil. And if we look around, it is greed and want all over the place. People have allowed greedy marketing agents hired by greedy tycoons to get the idea into an inflated ego that we deserve this or that because we exist or we need the newest thing. Politicians accept obsene amounts of money to pass laws that benefit the rich bad guys with an agenda. You have a couple police officers that make the others look bad that accept high dollars to overlook crimes. You have union presidents that collect lots of dues from people who need the money to support liberal politicians and their greedy agendas for even more money. You have leaders of countries given aid who pocket that aid and do not help the people in need.

Yes, the love of money, the greed, the ego, the discontent and want is certainly most of evil’s roots. And the only way to counter evil is truth and love and generosity. This means when we are content and trust God for our needs and are generous with what He gives us, we break this cycle of control over us. We are free from its snare. And we draw closer to God, who will always provide what we need.😄❤

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