Birthday #3 Today

So, today is my son’s birthday. He is 5’8″ now and buff from a lot of inline skating, so he looks more like a man than a boy now. His voice hasn’t completely changed but it is going on 6 months of wavering and often deep frog, so it will be soon. And we are only 1 year away from driving with a permit and work and all that. How did this happen? Oh yeah, time. Lol

So we are playing hookie from everything because how many more opportunities will we really be able to do that? And I am feeding him well his favorite meals and desserts. And we are skating, his favorite thing right now.

Meanwhile, I am remembering the little blond boy with enormous blue hazel eyes and.thick, long eyelashes who carried a blanket and sucked his thumb and never stopped moving ever. And it amazes me how miraculous life us and how God’s hand is in every detail of growth. Amazing God!!πŸ˜„β€

2 thoughts on “Birthday #3 Today

  1. Happy birthday to your son, Tanya. I pray that he will live to see many more. I pray that the Lord will bless him with a satisfactory long life and show him His salvation. Amen. blessings

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