Neighbor Reconciliation

I confess, I have wanted my neighbors to move away. I believe they were using and maybe selling from their house, so many ever-changing boarders and traffic and new men and husband every year or so and questionable – looking people, transients, etc. It always made me wary of having my kids out in the yard alone until we put up a 12 foot fence all the way around. That helped. I have been wary of them, wishing they move. I confess that readily.

Now that their house is being foreclosed on and her most recent husband left her and thr owner and her grown kids are busily and quickly moving their stuff out as I write this, my mind has changed and I feel very very sorry for her, for them. The choices she has made through the 10 years we have been neighbors has caused her so much pain that she appears to have aged 20 years in these 10 and is not much older than I am. And her choices caused her big house to fall apart and now be taken away from her. It is sad. I feel so bad fo her. Years of my talking to her and praying for and with her and making cookies and forgiving her for allowing her dog to attack and kill our cat in front of my son made no difference. She asked for prayer but then did not appear to change anything.

I feel badly for her. I will continue to pray for her. I hope whoever ends up there will be a good neighbor but time will tell. It will take a while to fix it’s brokenness, and who buys the biggest, most expensive house (once fixed up) in the neighborhood? We will see. But I will pray. I feel her heaviness of heart for having to leave her home for so long because of bad choices made. It is heavy an sobering. Bless her heart.❤

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