Praying for the Ungrateful

Committing to pray for everyone in your sphere means you are praying mostly for people who either don’t think it’s a big deal (so are flippant) or are ungrateful for the prayers. We should never expect a different response because Jesus Christ, Maker of the universe and King of all kings, deserving luxury and worship, died a horrific death and then majestically rase Himself from the dead for everyone to have a opportunity to be saved. And most people are flippant about that or are ungrateful. Why would we be treated better than the King of kings and Lord of lords?

Why are people like that? I believe it boils down to 1 of three options:

1. Rebellious pride- spoiled selfishness

2. Ignorance- not knowing how important and eternal these things (prayer, savation, Bible study, obedience) and decisions are

3. Laziness- procrastinating and/or laxidazical.

And we need to pray all the more for them. The people in our sphere we are responsible to pray for. And it is the most powerful and important thing we can ever do and gift we can ever give. We are looking out for their eternal and spiritual welfare and future and present concerns, even if they could care less. We are loving them despite their blindness. Isn’t that what Jesus did?❤❤❤

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