On Celebrating Birthdays

So, today is my husband’s birthday! Of course, he hates birthday celebrations for a couple mediocre reasons… 1. Life begins at conception so we have no idea when our actual birthday is. 2. It is narcissistic to celebrate one person when every day matters for everyone because we are not promised our next breath.

To those arguments, while I respect his excessive over thinking on that topic and his feelings after a fashion, think they are a load of stuff we used to step in on the farm.


Celebrating someone’s birthday is really celebrating the day the world was presented with God’s glorious and meaningful creation of the birthday boy or girl. In essence, it is a celebration of what a beautiful job God did and how grateful we are that He put you in our journey.

This is beautiful and I will continue to make a big deal of every birthday. Praise God!😄❤

4 thoughts on “On Celebrating Birthdays

  1. Happy Birthday to your husband ! Yes, birthdays are days when the world is blessed with a wonderful new person. I also, however, celebrate the month of my conception, although the exact date is unknown.
    Yes, another beautiful soul is formed at the moment of conception.
    I wish you a very blessed day with your loved ones. 🤗

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      1. Thanks, Tonya ! I have been inspired by your blog since I first started blogging on WordPress. You have a wonderful way of describing how Daddy God loves us all individually, and personally. 🤗

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