Call for Church Reform

Having grown up in the church and having sung as a family in a singing quartet and later leading a travel worship band, I have been in many churches, many denominations, all over America and the world even. And one thing has been bugging me all this time. In fact, I had to take a break from church buildings for a while because of it. It is this…

Churches are notoriously uptight and self-righteous judgmental. Meaning by this the cutting eyes if anyone makes a noise, shunning the not fancy enough, looking down on gum chewers, refusing people to drink coffee in houses of worship, judging outward sins but not addressing obvious inward sins, etc.

The thing is I passionately love the church and so did Jesus… so much so He died for her. Jesus taught so much to get us out of that judgmentalism. He did not allow his disciples to refuse kids being kids. He said bring them here. He taught the church is the people and the heart and going to a building does not make one holy unless one is already holy without walls. Grace is indelibly forgiveness and cannot be removed from Jesus’ loving way. How can we preach grace and yet scold the poorly behaved. How do they know better without instruction? We must meet people where they are and gently teach. You go to a baseball game and everyone accepts you as you are. Why does a church not? What makes you better than Jesus who loved people where they were and then taught a better way? No one is. The church is the people. As such, the church may chew gum, make noise, dress as they are, be welcomed, may drink coffee. And quit putting so much money into a building to meet in. Put thr money into the church and work of the Lord. ❤

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