Stillness Response

I had n some disturbing dreams last night. The first was that I disobeyed my Lord in an area I had previously disobeyed Him. Thr second was that life would be made difficult for me by those around me.

Dreams, in my opinion, are either temptations, fear producers or expressers, a vision from thr Lord, or absolute nonsense, including a trick from the enemy.

So I discarded these dreams and reject them and instead choose stillness.

Stillness, to me, is a choice of clearing time to be alone with God. This can include praise and worship, reading the Bible prayer, or quiet.

When I have dreams like I did last night- super vivid and just not right- I know I have too much on my mind and need some stillness, again meaning time alone with God.

So that is my game plan. It has never let me down. So I am excited to be humble in stillness today when I create an opportunity. I recommend this also. God bless us all!😄❤

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