Awareness & Decisions

I had a dream that someone close to me was going to die. I have never had a dream like that before. So it made me very aware and rather somber and contemplative. In addition, since said dream, I have to make several huge decisions. And I am reminded that life does not get easier with time but more complex and different instead. What changes for the better is that my humility and faith and relationship with God has grown and developed so much so that I trust Him no matter what, thank Him no matter what, and pray to ask for the guidance on which direction to go. And He never stars me wrong, it is always in line with the Bible and the Holy Spirit. God will never contradict His written Word, not ever.

So, I will have some extra conversations with the Lord about these matters and maybe add an additional day of fasting and let God guide my heart in the right direction, as He always does. God is certainly mighty good!! I am so glad He is!!❤❤❤

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