A Prayer We Need to Pray for Revival

Dear Daddy in Heaven, please forgive the sins and pride in me. Please forgive the sins of my children and husband and fill this house freshly and powerfully with the Holy Spirit. Protect and equip us in unity for Your service and the growth of Your kingdom. Please keep us all humble and teachable and freshly aware of and advocates of truth and light and love.

Please restore Your church to Your intended design and purpose. Revive our church with truth and expose lies so we do what we are supposed to do. Fill us with humility, prayer and authentic worship. Nothing matters but Jesus and your will for all souls to choose salvation over damnation.

Help restore the church all over the world and Israel to peace and Your glory. Restore America and Israel to their Judeo- hristian values they were founded on for Your glory and purposes. Defund and outlaw abortion entirely as should always have been done. Promote truth and justice worldwide, expose every lie of the devil.

We give You, Lord, the right to change and interrupt our church services tomorrow and breathe new life into us. Please pour out Your generous grace upon us again and revive our hearts to You. And as ever we give You praise and glory for every good thing that happens and welcome them for Your mission of winning souls. You, Lord, are worth every effort of ours and all our praise!

We pray collectively in Jesus’ name, Amen.❤❤❤

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