Music Madness

I am of the opinion that music should uplift and glorify God. Of course, I am of the opinion that everyone and everything should do that first and foremost, so this is just an extension of that core belief. But when I hear music that dishonor Him by using His name in vain or speaking naturally or worse, alluringly of sin, it now rubs me wrong and I have to reject it and change the station or leave the room if I have no control over it. I choose to not put into my head anything that will work against my life goal of honoring my God. And I believe we have to make this stand for the sake of our beliefs. Sin will try to kill us or dumb us down any way it can and we do not have to sit back and let it. This is why God says to stand firm against the darts of the evil one. They always come in disguise as harmless and before you know it, it is trying to choke you in the night. Beware of music madness, stick with uplifting music and even better music that honors God.😄❤

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