Deep Calls to Deep

Shallow, to me, is a waste of time. Deep matters to me. I prefer to press quickly through the shallow of physical and sometimes even mental to the deeper soul and spirit. This is why it has been easy for me to live people. When you look quickly into the deep of a person’s soul and spirit, you see God’s work, His fingerprints all over them, His deep love for them. And yes, you sometimes feel sorry that they cannot see it past what has happened to them in the shallow realm of physical and mental. And this is why we are lights… to help them see them as God sees them. The physical is inconsequential and temporary and weak. It needs constant stroking and encouragement. While deeper, thr soul and spirit long for freedom and union with their Creator. Deep Calls to Deep. Deep is beautiful and should always be our goal. If the deep is on the right track with God, everything else is healed and falls into place. ❤

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