Leading Worship

Our music minister is out of town tomorrow so he gave me the honor of asking me to lead worship. We normally sing a combination of hymns and contemorary worship songs and he asked if I would lead all hymns, as the church family has been asking him for this blessing. Church congregations often overlook the roots and blessings of good Bible-sharing hymns. They worship with all new songs, which is fine. However, there is nothing wrong with hymns. In fact, they are an anchor for the soul. They are our roots. So to dismiss them entirely is to throw tradition and roots to the wind. Hymns have a beautiful place in collective worship, a long standing, beautiful place. I love it. So, tomorrow we worship together and my husband is joining us on guitar. In addition, I fasted today in preparation and wrote down Bible verses that coincide with the hymns: At the Cross, Sing the Wondrous Love of Jesus, What a Friend We Have in Jesus, Blessed Assurance, Sweet Hour of Prayer and His Eye is On the Sparrow for the special. I am excited to worship tomorrow and have loved the honor of planning and leading worship. Praise God!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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