Watching Them Skate

I can skate 30 minutes at a time with my new used inline skates. So, I am sitting here watching the kids skate the rest of the time. It is peaceful except for the loud booming music that is reminiscent of my college dancing days in the club with BB. But I digress. I learned that some people are good at watching and some people, myself included, are more the participation kind. So, I will be saving up for a new pair like my old ones that died finally after 16 years of frequent use. So I will not whine like a spoiled baby but will quietly save up and suddenly be able to skate and enjoy the wind in my face again. Until then, I will use my time to encourage, watch stuff, catch up on reading, and talk to you, friend. Love to you! Have a beautiful night! Always remember God loves you and is a simple prayer away. 😄❤

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