As a Christian and doctor who has studied sciences and the brain extensively, I have had many studies in sleep and dreaming and want to share my views for those searching this information.

Some dreams are messages from God (and those are pretty easy to tell that they are from God because they coincide with the truth of the Bible) and others are just a jumble mixture of real and imagined things (in a mix of whatever memories and imagination rolling and tumbling around mixed with anxieties and good thing). I have seen dreams interpreted by people incorrectly and imaginitively. The thing is, our brain’s neurons are always firing, even when we sleep, but cognitively the intentional part of our brain rests, letting the thoughts run wild. So from this I determined the following:

1. Interpret only if the dream is in line with the Bible truths (which means know your Bible).

2. Do not be anxious, angry, full of unforgiveness, tense, etc. when you go to sleep or the neurons respond in kind.

3. Other than those, sleep earlier than you are used to and let the dreams do their thing. Don’t make so much of them if not Bible-friendly. They are just firing thoughts around like they are supposed to. Or someone is messing with your head. ❤


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