Window into Motherhood

A window into Motherhood is close to a glimpse into the unconditional love of God for us. If you peaked into the window of motherhood, you would see a woman praying her child is healthy and safe and humble throughout life so they stay in close relationship to God, who never leaves or forsakes. You would see a woman forgiving her child for every offense and longing to give that child the very best life has to offer, such as peace, joy, love, laughter, all the fruits of the Spirit. A Godly mother wants a Godly child to grow up into a Godly parent with eternal life in heaven. A good parent wants what is best for her child. And God blessed prayers and effort to those ends. So keep praying, beautiful mommas. Keep appreciating your beautiful momma. And if motherhood is a future hope, keep praying and preparing for such an amazing responsibility, which will happen in God’s perfect timing, as things always do. Blessed momma’s day to you all!❤

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