My Love for Easter

I have had some people talk to me about pagan holidays and Easter being one of them. And here is my response, to the best truth as I understand it.

A celebration of something good that God has done is never a bad thing, just as it is never wrong to worship, edify and thank God. And I believe it is beautiful to join in unity with other followers of Jesus Christ to celebrate with one voice a beautiful act of love Jesus did for us all.

Pagans can do what they want. They will anyway. But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord and praise God and when possible I will celebrate the same event with fellow brothers and sisters of like faith.

It is beautiful to celebrate Easter, the day we celebrate the most important event and source of hope and show of genuine self-sacrificing love. Jesus Christ resurrecting from the dead is a really big deal. He defeated death forever. This allows every single person who accept this free gift to be forgiven and have a home with God now and in heaven for eternity. So very important. Hope. No matter what, everyone has hope from this sincere love of God for us all. What greater event to celebrate corporately. All of mankind has this same hope and choice so all should celebrate together. How beautiful! Praise God!😄❤

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