Been Thinking of a Friend of Mine AKA Relationship Choices

I consider him a close friend. Long time ago, we were as close as it is possible for two people to be and now I doubt he remembers my name. And I wonder about what changes in life to make things different.

A decision.

And only one person in a relationship has to decide the relationship is over and it is over for that person, and the other person hangs on sometimes forever, not having decided to end the relationship and still loving them, wondering what they did wrong. But alas, it is what it is, tears and all.

This lead me to feel very strongly what God goes through with us humans He lovingly created on purpose. He wants a relationship with us and He is always on board. It is us that flippantly out of the air just decide the grass is greener over there and skip out on the relationship. We drop it when it is inconvenient or doesn’t give us every wish granted for our pampered arses. And God is right there still loving us and watching for us to come back, longing for one word.

It is cruel to break off a relationship for selfish reasons but it happens And you just walk around with them in your heart all the time or wounded having ripped that part of your heart out. But with the Lord, we have until our breath is gone to humbly say the word and restore the relationship. We just never know when that last breath will be and then eternity is upon us. So we should restore that relationship with all our effort. And the beauty of that is that Jesus is very forgiving and always loving and eager to restore our relationship with Him. Thank God at least He loves me desperately. It is so nice to be loved.❤

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