Why Go To Church?

There are reasons to go and reasons to go. Why go to church? Because we are told to by God in His Word (Hebrews 10:24-25). Also, we have thr example in many places where the church is together, meaning an example for us to follow (two are Acts 14:27 & 15:30) and also there are several verses on the importance of coming together as a church (1 Corinthians 12:24 and 14:26). And if you search for yourself, you will see quickly that it is God’s design.

Now, I believe most churches are not right in the Word. If a church is corrupt, it needs to be amended or left to find a true church. God is very clear as to what a church is supposed to be like, as in the kingdom of God where followers/believers in Jesus meet together to have communion, worship, pray, read the Bible, encourage each other and help each other. That is pretty much it. Simple and beautiful.

Never does it say we must fight to stay awake during one man’s narcissistic rant or speech for an hour, never is a building program involved, no exorbitant salaries are declared as part of it, and there are checks and balances in place to keep people focused on God and His Word (elders, deacons, etc.). And the people of the church should be loving and encouraging and real and absolutely not judgmental or abusing their position or finances. And the mission of the church is always growth and outreach naturally to save souls. Again, simple.

And that is the truth of church I have gleaned from Scripture, the only source of truth we have.

To not go is to disobey the Word. It is just that simple. Many Bible and Jesus-focused churches exist around you and if none are, start your own in your home like the early church did. That is just as much church as a fancy building. But church is mandatory.❤

2 thoughts on “Why Go To Church?

  1. I like this simple, clear, bold and truthful summary. Thank you. (I missed church last Sunday, but so did everyone else. Cancelled because of weather. But, we still had church in our house. It was nice.)

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